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"It is what you don't know that bites you. If you get in trouble it is likely to be something you didn't anticipate."

Contact - Private Investigator-s / Bureau

Bo Anderson-Dallas / CEO                             bo.anderson@walhallen.net



Claes Ekman-NYC / Chairman                      claes.ekman@walhallen.net



Christina Nobel-São Paolo / Director             christina.nobel@walhallen.net    


Pierre Montreaux-Paris / Director                   pierre.montreaux@walhallen.net  

Filip Hansson / Global Coordinator                 filip.hansson@walhallen.net

Herman Nylen / Communications Director     herman.nylen@walhallen.net


Matthis Andreasson / Commercial Director    matthis.andreasson@walhallen.net


L.K. Eliasson / Internet Security Director        l.k.eliasson@europadetektiv.com  



Telephone-s Global HQ-s                             +46 730 983 700

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Private Investigator Claes Ekman at a press conference in Sweden.